The Masters of Unlocking

Guitar medleys

Growing up in the era of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo we spent a lot of time playing video games! Many Friday nights were spent trying to finish that one last level or beat that last boss, only taking breaks to get another slice of pizza until we could finally raise our hands in victory as we passed the finish line ahead of our friend who was determined to beat us on the next track. Video games were a large part of our social lives but we didn’t yet realize that the music from those games was going to be an influencing factor in our musical lives. As the years passed our interest in music grew. We picked up guitars wanting to learn how to play the riffs from our favorite Rush and Metallica songs and to maybe even start a band of our own one day.

And now The Masters of Unlocking have arrived, paying tribute to the games we grew up with, the games being made today, and the composers that have left a lasting musical legacy within those games that we feel is greatly under appreciated!

Matt (he/him)
Bryan (he/him)


The Masters of Unlocking

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

12:25 pm - 12:55pm ET