Ro Panuganti (he/him)

Progressive Metal VGM

Ro Panuganti is an progressive rock and metal musician, best known for extended range guitar work and expressive hair-metal inspired leads. He has released music videos performing video game, TV, anime, and more covers since 2011 on Youtube and performed live at ConBravo, MAGFest, VGMTogether 2021, and other online fests. He has additionally have participated in several panels on music production, video game cover remixes, and collaborative albums through his work in the VGM communities and groups including GameLark, GameGrooves, and Pixel Mixers. He has additionally recorded for indie games including Bacon Man: An Adventure and SuperEpic, and worked as an editor/videographer for many musicians in game audio. While Ro enjoys playing bass, sitar, piano, singing, and producing for his wife Allison Martin, ultimately Ro’s passion lies in bombastic electric guitar work and visually exciting music videos.


Ro Panuganti - Progressive Metal Music

Friday, October 21st, 2022

8:00 pm - 8:40pm ET