What You Are Missing When Listening to VGM Rips on YouTube

Jeff Roberts

Do you find yourself turning to YouTube uploads and vgm rips found online for your fix of classic game music? You may be missing out on the best these soundtracks have to offer. Jeff Roberts, audio engineer for official releases for game soundtracks like Phantasy Star, Breath of Fire, Bomberman, Mega Man Legends 2, and more, will explain the issues that can be found in the game music you’ll find distributed online (issues that sometimes creep their way on to official releases!), and demonstrate the work that goes into obtaining the proper, high quality audio used on modern album releases for classic game soundtracks.


What You Are Missing When Listening to VGM Rips on YouTube

Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

8:00 pm - 8:45pm ET


Jeff Roberts

Jeff ‘jmr’ Roberts has been hanging around the corners of the video game music online scene for decades. Perhaps you’ve heard him hosting internet radio broadcasts, or seen him on a stage with his vgm-loving chiptune prog-rock band Marshall Art. In recent years he’s combined his love for classic video game music and vinyl records with his electrical engineering and chiptune recording experience, and has done work audio work for soundtrack releases for over 40 games ranging from the Mega Man, Phantasy Star, and Bomberman franchises to deeper cuts like Sparkster and Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes.

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