Jam Sessions: Different Types and Different Approaches

Ashanti Mills (DakotaCityRag)

This will be a slideshow presentation of four different common types of jam sessions: jazz jams, acoustic blues jams, hip-hop cyphers, and free-for-alls. While this is not an exclusive list of all the types of jams that exist, they are both common and distinct enough to effectively illustrate the diversity of jam sessions. Viewers will learn to compare and contrast: 1) the types of songs played at each jam, 2) how each jam makes space for improvisation, 3) how musicians relate to each other and the audience, 4) and how new attendees can prepare.

Though these jams do not often involve VGM, the presentation will also note examples of popular VGM tunes that would best fit in the idiom of each jam type.


Jam Sessions: Different Types and Different Approaches

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

12:00 pm - 12:45pm ET


Ashanti Mills (DakotaCityRag) (he/him)

Ashanti Mills is a musician living outside of Washington, DC. He is volunteer staff at MAGFest’s jam clinic and staff and editor at VGLS. He is a saxophonist for Strangers That Clique and a professional nonprofit fundraiser.

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