Game Music Concerts and Orchestras Around the World

Mikko Voima, Michelle Eng

The first game music concert was held in 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. Now there are dozens of game music orchestras around the world you’ve likely never even heard of. How do concert tours like Distant Worlds operate? How are new gamer symphony orchestras born? A talk on where to find the concerts, tours, and game music festivals on social media, YouTube, and Spotify.


Game Music Concerts and Orchestras Around the World

Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

12:30 pm - 1:45pm ET


Mikko Voima (he/him)

Game developer, video game music enthusiast, occasional convention panelist.

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Michelle Eng (She/Her)

Founder of the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra. Started Gamer Symphony Dreams on YouTube to help others start and run their own video game orchestra. Violinist. Video game music enthusiast.

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