Composing Your VGM Podcast

Theølogy, Mark McAvoy

Theølogy (The Music and Mental Health Podcast) and Mark McAvoy (Super Gamer Podcast) will present their understandings of what makes a good VGM podcast, covering everything from guests, topics and sound quality to preparation, marketing and beyond. After introducing themselves and their shows, the two will ask questions of one another to give the panel an interview-like feel. All questions are welcome! Hopefully after watching this panel, you will be energized to perhaps create your own podcast!


Composing Your VGM Podcast

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

10:00 pm - 10:45pm ET


Theølogy (he/him)

Matthew J. Bentley, or Theølogy as he is known as, makes club-ready video game remixes and has been supported by such acts as Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Tom Fall, Fatum, Jes, and more. He is one of the main forces behind “The Music and Mental Health Podcast with Theology and DJ Fat_Rain,” a monthly show that focuses on new and old EDM with a video game music remix flare. The end of each episode has a 10-20 minute discussion on various mental health issues, as these are very close to his heart. Mental health is a largely neglected topic in our society that a lot do not take seriously, so Theølogy’s mission is to “unlock God mode” within his community and hopefully be but one tiny voice that fosters an environment where people feel welcome knowing they are not alone!



Mark McAvoy (he/him)

Mark McAvoy is a podcaster and singer who loves to hear “how did you know that?” Mark’s parents bought him an Atari when he was four years old, so, really, they’re to blame for (*gestures broadly at himself*) all of this. Video games, sports, music and sound, interviewing, and fantasy are passions Mark brings together in his weekly show, the Super Gamer Podcast.