Arranging for Voice: Prep to Pipes and Cords to Chords

Bonnie Bogovich, mezzocarattere, Laura Intravia, Liz Rishel, Julia Henderson, Julia Handschin

Are you planning to arrange a track that features a choir, solo vocals, or combination of the two? Have you been a part of a project before where you felt confused on how to begin, and how to best prepare your scores and guides for your singers? Are you a singer, used to performing live with a full ensemble, but left confused and hesitant on how to begin in a digital recording? Our select group of experienced vocalists and arrangers are here to help, offering their tips and tricks, successes and failures, and more in this very vocal panel. Composers, singers, arrangers, fans, and those interested in how to make their tracks shine with that extra edge are all welcome.


March 14th, 2021

6:10 pm - 7:10pm ET


Bonnie Bogovich


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Laura Intravia

Julia Henderson