Hosted by vgmtogether Community Dept

Do you like clipping funny moments on Twitch or sharing the story of how you bonded with your friends over VGM? Or perhaps you like finding hidden gems in a virtual world? Then look no further! Grab a friend and do any or all of those things at vgmtogether and enter for a chance to win some swag!


There are a number of ways to enter our vgmtogether raffle, which range from making clips of our content on Twitch to participating in the scavenger hunt in VRChat!

  • Only one entry per person per day is allowed.
  • Non-winning tickets will carry over and you may still earn a new ticket each day.
  • Check the table below for the tasks you can do to earn tickets.
  • You must complete four tasks per day to earn one ticket to the raffle.

You can complete any combination of tasks. For example, you may create one Twitch clip, find or complete three Scavenger Hunt items/tasks, and submit one memory to the vgmtogether Padlet.


Task Description
Create a clip
Make a clip of any live vgmtogether Twitch content you enjoyed!
VRChat (PC)
Scavenger Hunt
Please read the special instructions on our Scavenger Hunt page!
Share a special VGM-related memory
Go here and make a post detailing a fun, precious, or significant memory relating to VGM!
Take a screenshot of your post.


  1. Tweet any pictures you took for the scavenger hunt using #vgmtogether then…
  2. Make a single post with your Tweets, links to your Twitch clips, and/or screenshot of your Padlet post in #raffle-submissions on Discord.
    1. Remember you need to have completed four tasks total!

Entries must be made before midnight EST on Friday and Saturday, and before 8pm EDT on Sunday.


Each day of the event, one raffle winner will be drawn.

Raffle winners will receive ONE of the following prizes:

Scavenger Hunt Items

Scavenger Hunt Tasks