Code of Conduct

The primary goal of vgmtogether is to bring people of all backgrounds and lifestyles together in a grand celebration of video game music and what makes it special to us. The following Code of Conduct has been established to ensure this goal is fulfilled. Attendees are expected to follow the Code of Conduct in its entirety, not only while interacting in our online spaces, but also in private interactions with other attendees. The vgmtogether team reserves the right to restrict, temporarily or permanently, the ability of any attendee to interact in our online spaces. This action may be undertaken whenever the behavior of an attendee violates the Code of Conduct, disrupts the enjoyment of another attendee, or otherwise detracts from the positive and welcoming experience that vgmtogether aims to deliver.



Our online spaces are considered “rated E for everyone” at all times, and interactions between attendees should be kept within the acceptable boundaries of this rating. As such, attendees may receive warnings for messages containing: profanity, slurs or other derogatory terms; references to licit or illicit drugs; references to illegal activities; behavior or terminology considered sexual, aggressive or violent; or anything that may be considered inappropriate for the intended audience. The moderation team reserves the right to assess if a message is appropriate or not and act accordingly.



People of all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations and religious affiliations are welcome at vgmtogether. Bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind, targeted at any individual or group of people, will not be tolerated. This prohibition applies not only to attendees, but also to our staff, performers, panelists and contributors. If you are a target of or witness to any of these behaviors, or are otherwise made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please contact a moderator as soon as possible. Any information related to claims of harassment will be treated by vgmtogether as confidential.



As an online event, vgmtogether can be experienced on Twitch, Discord and VRChat. Attendees are free to experience the event in whichever and as many online spaces as they desire, and they must abide by the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of the utilized services, linked below. Violations of these guidelines will constitute violations of the Code of Conduct and will be treated as such.

Nicknames, emotes, profile pictures, avatars, media and links shared or used in our online spaces must also abide by the Code of Conduct in its entirety. On VRChat, please refrain from using avatars with flashing lights, loud music or sound effects, avatars that bypass regular size limits, or that may otherwise disrupt the enjoyment of other attendees.

If technical issues occur in any of our online spaces, they will be addressed by the vgmtogether team as soon as possible. You are encouraged to contact a moderator if you are experiencing any difficulties in our online spaces; however, please understand that some issues may be beyond the scope of our support. On Discord, attendees experiencing technical issues that cause disruptive noise or echo in a voice channel may have their ability to speak revoked by a moderator until the issue is addressed.



For the duration of vgmtogether, attendees may contact a moderator at any time, to report or request support for any issue, described or not in the Code of Conduct.

On Twitch, attendees may use the command “/mods” in the stream chat to display a list of all moderators. Moderators will be available on Twitch during hours of live programming, and can be identified in the stream chat by the green sword icon next to their username. On Discord, moderators will be available for the entire duration of vgmtogether, and can be identified by the yellow color of their nicknames. An attendee may send a whisper or direct message to a moderator at any time; however, we strongly recommend that attendees who wish to contact a moderator use the #help-desk channel on Discord to do so. Attendees may also @mention the Moderation role in any text channel on Discord.

Twitch, Discord and VRChat offer safety tools that attendees may use to mitigate harassment and other issues. You can read more about them by following the links below:



Attendees are encouraged to create and share clips and screenshots of vgmtogether. However, attendees are not allowed to upload, stream or sell video or audio recordings of vgmtogether on any service or platform. Audio in any Discord voice channel may be recorded only with the express consent of all present attendees.

Images and recordings of vgmtogether may be archived and utilized for promotional purposes. Attendees grant vgmtogether permission to archive and use images and recordings that may contain their nicknames, profile pictures and avatars. If you do not wish to grant this permission, please contact a moderator or the vgmtogether team.

The vgmtogether team will not accept or request payment, tips or donations of any kind, in any form. However, vgmtogether may provide instructions for attendees who wish to directly support or donate to musicians or panelists featured in the event.

The vgmtogether team reserves the right to amend the Code of Conduct at any time, without prior notice. If you have any questions, please contact a moderator or the vgmtogether team.