Looking for a bit of extra fun and a chance to win some cool swag? Play Bingo as you watch performances, attend panels, and participate in community events!

Each row, column, or diagonal you complete earns you one raffle ticket.


Any single performance, panel, or community event can be used to check off multiple tiles.

Mark each tile you complete with an X and completed rows, columns, or diagonals with a line. Red X’s and lines are preferred.

Submit your card when you are done playing in #raffle on our Discord by 9:30pm EDT, Sunday. Resubmissions will not honored.

We trust that you will fill out your card honestly — we want you to enjoy the event. If you really want to make sure you are meeting each tile’s criteria, read the tile explanations below.

Bingo Tile Explanations

If you reasonably think that you satisfied the criteria of a tile, you may mark it as complete.

Confused about the wording of a Bingo tile? Check the notes for each tile (Column x Row) below for an explanation.

1×1 – Stopped watching a performance or panel because you had to eat or sleep – Before a performance or panel ended, you left the stream because you needed to go eat or go to bed.
1×2 – A performer played an arrangement of a favorite song of yours – During a performance, a performer played an arrangement using source material from one of your favorite VGM songs.
1×3 – Made a Twitch clip of a panel – Publish a clip of a panel you attended to our Twitch channel.
1×4 – Participated in a Community event with 3+ other attendees – You do not need to know the other attendees. Staff and contributors count as attendees.
1×5 – Followed a performer, panelist, or fellow vgmt attendee – Must be a new follow on any platform: Twitch, Twitter, Youtube (subscribe), etc.

2×1 – Participated in a cooperative or social community event – Cooperative and social events include Deep Rock Galactic, Gartic Phone, Phasmaphobia VR, FFXIV Games Night, and Monster Hunter Rise, and any VRChat event.
2×2 – Discussed a panel’s content in Twitch chat or in #panels-discussion – You contributed to a discussion on the topic of a panel. For example, discussing where to buy an ocarina during “The Ocarina Panel.” The discussion can be on Twitch or in our #panels-discussion channel.
2×3 – Watched a performance with live percussion – The performance must utilize percussion performed live. The performance itself can be pre-recorded, but it must depict someone playing a percussive instrument. Yes, we will count pianos as as percussive instrument.
2×4 – Watched a panel with at least one panelist whom you have not heard of before – You do not recognize one or more of the panelists in any panel you watched.
2×5 – Discovered a new VGM track you like during a performance – Upon watching a performance, you learn the name of the source material used for an arrangement or cover. You now like the original song.

3×1 – Had your question answered at a panel or in #panels-discussion (can be asked by someone else) – You asked a question related to a panel’s subject during that panel or in #panels-discussion. If your question was asked by someone else, and if it was answered, you may mark the tile as complete.
3×2 – Participated in a competitive activity during a community event – Competitive events include Mario Party Superstars, Rocket League, Jackbox Party Games, Multiversus, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe friendlies and tournament, Super Smash Bros., Among Us, and Fall Guys.
3×3 – Free Space. You don’t need to do squat!
3×4 – Watched a performance with 3+ performers – The performance you watched must have three or more performers. They do not need to perform at the same time, but they must be part of the same segment.
3×5 – Made a Twitch clip of a performance – Publish a clip of a performance you attended to our Twitch channel.

4×1 – Watched a solo performance – The performance you watched must only have a single performer. Backing tracks or other instrumentation that is pre-recorded by other musicians for use during the set do not count as performer.
4×2 – Participated in a community event with strangers – You took part in a community event with at least one person you don’t know.
4×3 – Watched 2+ mini segments – Mini segments are small recorded acts we play between scheduled performances on Twitch. You must watch at least two of them.
4×4 – Participated in a community event involving a game that you did not play in the last month – You must not have played the game in the last month to count this. Games you’ve never played satisfy this condition. Games within games count.
4×5 – Discussed a panel’s content in Twitch chat or in #panels-discussion – You contributed to an on-topic discussion about the subject of a panel. For example, you discussed your experience with licensing VGM for a VGM cover album during or after the panel “How to Create a VGM Cover Album.” Your discussion should be substantial and goes beyond agreeing or disagreeing or posting emotes.

5×1 – Correctly answered 3+ trivia questions in a row – Between performances and panels, trivia questions might play. Guess these correctly (in your head or in chat) three times in a row to receive credit.
5×2 – Watched a performance, a panel, and participated in a community event all in one 24-hour period – You must complete all three activities in any 24-hour period. The period starts at the beginning of your first activity that you intend to count for this.
5×3 – Watched Showcase (live or VOD) – Watch our Showcase event lol.
5×4 – Watched 2+ panels – Watch at least two panels over the course of our event.
5×5 – 2+ events you want to attend overlap in the schedule – Performances, Panels, and Community all have events running for the duration of our festival. Of the events you want to attend, two must overlap at least partially in order to mark this as complete.